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Collection: Lorentz Professional Submersible Pumps

These solar operated pumps are designed for high reliability and life expectancy. Helical rotor (HR) or centrifugal (C) models with maintenance free brushless DC motors. Excellent efficiency. High resistance to sand and corrosion.

They are supplied with IP68 weatherproof controllers suitable for PV direct operation with integrated maximum power point tracking. This also allows pumps to be used with a battery and includes low voltage disconnection and restart after recharge. A separate charge controller is required to prevent battery overcharge.

  • Two inputs for dry well probe, pressure switch or tank/remote float switch.
  • LED indicators for system status.
  • Protected against: overload, temperature, reverse polarity, lightning.

The max. pump speed is adjustable to reduce flow rate to approx. 30% if desired. (20% for PS150)
In PV direct operation the maximum PV array size is unlimited as the controller regulates max. power consumption.

Solar panels, Float/Pressure switches and filters must be ordered separately.

To give you an idea of the savings to made compared to a diesel solution please take a look at the Lorentz Solar v Diesel Calculator.

For more information please see: Pumps

Remote monitoring with Lorentz PS data module and pump scanner app

Remote monitoring for pumping systems. Get detailed information about the performance, quickly identify any pump performance issues and reduce fault finding time and cost.

The Lorentz PS data module and pump scanner for AndroidTM provides data logging, remote monitoring and control for the whole PS range.

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