REC Certified Solar Professional

The REC Solar Professional programme was designed for to benefit installers and end customers.

This unique installer certification programme ensures end customers receive not only high-quality panels but also high-quality installation.

Benefits for solar installers

  • Added confidence, guaranteed quality
    • In addition to the certification training, REC equip you with a marketing welcome pack allowing you to market your business and REC panels immediately. Plus, stay at the forefront of best practices with tailored video trainings accessible exclusively in the REC Solar Professional Portal.
  • Compensation for service fees
    • REC is a highly reliable brand of solar panels and we take responsibility even after panels have been installed. In the event of an approved claim, REC will compensate REC Solar Professionals for the time spent servicing an installation.
  • Extended warranty
    • Get a jump on other installers and offer customers more. As an REC Solar Professional, you can offer customers an additional five years on the 20-year product warranty*. This comes in addition to REC’s 25-year linear power output warranty.

Advantages for end customers

  • Quality product, quality installation
    • Knowing that not only is the solar panel of high quality, but that the person installing it is also highly skilled and has been trained by REC, gives end customers greater peace of mind for the quality of the installation.
  • Added comfort
    • Take comfort in knowing that your solar installer has been carefully selected, trained, and certified by REC. Not every installer can call himself an “REC Solar Professional”. This means best-in-class service and reliability.
  • By having your REC panels installed by a certified REC Solar Professional installer, you qualify for an additional five years on your 20-year product warranty.* This comes in addition to REC’s 25-year linear power output warranty.

*Applies to rooftop installations up to 500 kW, panels must be purchased by the installer from an REC Platinum Partner such as ourselves.