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PS150 Boost

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This pump provides city water pressure anywhere.

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Lorentz PS2-150 BOOST-60 Surface Pump and Controller
Regular price £1,251.96
Regular price Sale price £1,251.96
Lorentz PS2-150 BOOST-125 Surface Pump and Controller
Regular price £1,251.96
Regular price Sale price £1,251.96
Lorentz PS2-150 BOOST-240 Surface Pump and Controller
Regular price £1,325.55
Regular price Sale price £1,325.55
Lorentz PS2-150 BOOST-330 Surface Pump and Controller
Regular price £1,325.55
Regular price Sale price £1,325.55
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PS150 Boost

This pump provides city water pressure anywhere.

Suitable for:

  • Drinking water supply;
  • Water purification & filtration;
  • Pressurising home water systems;
  • Drip irrigation.

Uses solar power to give 250-10,000 litres per day from shallow water sources. Can boost water as high as 140m.

Designed to draw water from shallow wells, springs, cisterns, tanks, ponds, rivers and streams and push it through long pipelines. Slow pumping minimises the size and cost of solar array-battery system, wire and piping.
Simple installation with high reliability and life expectancy.

  • Max lift 140m. Max flow 900 litres/hour.
  • Max suction lift: 5m, pump should be placed as low and as close to water source as possible.
  • Max power consumption 200W.
  • Can tolerate sea water & dissolved minerals but is not suitable for dirty water, water must be filtered clear.

These solar operated pumps are designed for high reliability and life expectancy. Maintenance free brushless DC motors. Excellent efficiency.

More powerful, quieter and more durable than plastic RV/Marine pumps. Wearing parts typically last 5-10 years; overall life expectancy 15-20 years.

They are supplied with IP68 weatherproof controllers suitable for PV direct operation with integrated maximum power point tracking. This also allows pumps to be used with a battery and includes low voltage disconnection and restart after recharge. A separate charge controller is required to prevent battery overcharge.

  • Two inputs for dry well probe, pressure switch or tank/remote float switch.
  • LED indicators for system status.
  • Protected against: overload, temperature, reverse polarity, and lightning.

The max. pump speed is adjustable to reduce flow rate to approx. 20% if desired. 

In PV direct operation the maximum PV array size is unlimited as the controller regulates max. power consumption.

Solar panels, Float/Pressure switches and filters must be ordered separately. 

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Technical Specifications

Weight (kg) 10.8 10.8 10.8 15
Intrastat Commodity Code 84136069 84136069 84136069 84136069

*see manufacturer's documentation for further information