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SMA monitoring and communication products.
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  • SMA Sunny Home Manager

    SMA Sunny Home Manager


    The Sunny Home Manager is the ideal solution for simple plant monitoring and intelligent energy management. It provides remote monitoring via the SMA Sunny Portal and an overview of all the energy flows taking place in the household. It also displays recommended actions and is able to control various smart home appliances.

  • SMA Energy Meter

    SMA Energy Meter


    The SMA Energy Meter is a fast bidirectional single or three phase meter used to measure power going in/out of the grid. It communicates these values quickly via Speedwire using standard Ethernet cable to the Sunny Home Manager, Data Manager M, or compatible SMA inverters.

  • SMA Data Manager M

    SMA Data Manager M

    2 models available
    From £817.28

    In combination with the new Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, the Data Manager M optimizes communication, monitoring and control of PV systems. The Data Manager M replaces the SMA Cluster Controller, and with its new ennexOS software platform based on the „Internet of Things“ for energy management, is both easily expandable and well equipped to handle new business models of the energy market future.

  • Power Supply for SMA Data Manager and SMA Cluster Controller

    Power Supply for SMA Data Manager and SMA Cluster Controller


    DIN Rail mount power supply for use with the SMA Data Manager M and SMA Cluser Controller.

  • SMA Speedwire/Webconnect data module

    SMA Speedwire/Webconnect data module

    2 models available
    From £75.00

    For use with TL inverters. Allows connection to a computer network and remote monitoring over the internet using Sunny Portal without the need for additional data loggers.

  • SMA Data Manager I/O Systems

    SMA Data Manager I/O Systems

    4 models available
    From £0.00

    These preconfigured MOXA and Wago I/O systems available from SMA are compatible with ennexOS Systems and can be easily integrated using the Data Manager.

  • Janitza Power Analyser

    Janitza Power Analyser


    This DIN rail mounting Power Analyser is a multifunction measurement device and operates as transients recorder, with integrated energy meter (kWh, kVar), harmonics analyser, condition monitoring and data logger. Built-in webserver enables easy access to current and historical data.

  • SMA RS485 Interfaces

    SMA RS485 Interfaces

    2 models available
    From £92.17

    Provides reliable transmission for complete, continuous data recording. Distance up to 1200m and up to 50 inverters. Interfaces are wired in parallel using suitable cable.

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