Using Storage with Grid Connected Solar PV Systems

14 Jul 23

Why add battery storage to your solar PV system?

Increase self-consumption

A large portion of the energy you generated will be exported to the grid because it is unused. You can get paid for this exported energy but at a fraction of what it would cost you to buy back.

Adding battery storage will help you store your excess generation (that would normally be exported) for use later when your consumption is higher than your generation. As electricity prices rise this sort of battery storage system will become more and more cost effective.

Add battery storage to your system and be on your way to self-sufficiency.

Provide back-up power for security

Lots of properties across the UK and beyond have frequent power cuts and it's possible this will become more of an issue in years to come.

Adding battery storage for back-up will secure you against power cuts.

Back-up power systems can be more expensive than simply adding storage to increase self-consumption but this entirely depends on how long you will need to rely on the battery system

SMA Sunny Boy Storage SMA FSS SMA FSS + Back-up Victron ESS Fronius GEN24
Power in the event of a power cut
Solar operates when there is a power cut
Battery size 5.1 - 66.3 kWh Flexible Flexible Flexible 5.1 - 57.9 kWh
Retrofittable to almost any solar system
Minimal battery knowledge required to install
G98/G99 certified
Compatible batteries* BYD HVS/HVM Lithium All Lead-Acid, BYD LVS/LVL and Tesvolt LV All Lead-Acid, BYD LVS/LVL and Tesvolt LV All Lead-Acid + Victron, BYD LVS/L BYD HVS/HVM Lithium
Monitoring SMA Sunny Portal + App SMA Sunny Portal + App SMA Sunny Portal + App Victron VRM Portal + App Fronius Solar.Webb + App
Price £££ £££££ ££££££ £-££££ ££

*Others may be available, see manufacturer's guidance.

Grid Connect System with Battery Storage

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