Wind & Solar Homes

14 Jul 23

Both on and off the grid, wind or solar energy systems can help houses become energy self-sufficient. By generating electricity on site using clean, quiet, reliable and sustainable technology the environmental impact of a building can be minimised.

On The Grid

For most properties, which have the mains available, wind and/or solar systems can simply hook into the conventional electricity supply reducing power requirements.

Power generated is first used within the property to reduce electricity consumption and any surplus is exported to the grid so greatest benefits can be found if electricity is used during times of generation. Power is still available at night or in times of unfavourable weather from the grid.

Battery storage can be included to store surplus energy eg. from daytime to nighttime and so help increase 'self-consumption' of home generated electricity to make properties self-sufficient. Systems can also be set-up to provide back-up power in the event of grid failure.

Off The Grid

Wind and solar systems can enable homes to obtain complete independence from electricity bills and avoid the often heavy cost of bringing in the mains. A battery store is used to even out supply and enable peak loads to be run.

Best performance is obtained by practising energy conservation through choosing energy efficient appliances and minimising electricity use as well as matching use to times of generation wherever possible.

All loads can be run on conventional 230Vac wiring. Typically the requirements are for lighting (use low energy LED lights); TV; audio; communications, fridge; household appliances, tools etc. all run from the inverter. Heating is usually by solid fuel and cooking from bottled gas.

Because systems need to be designed to meet worst case weather conditions, most off-grid systems will incorporate a back-up generator which is only needed for occasional battery charges and to run heavy loads.

Wind & Solar systems are all different; in some solar will be more relevant; in others, wind turbines -or the two can be combined together.

Most Wind & Solar Home Systems require the involvement of a professional electrician to ensure a safe and compliant installation.

We work with a large network of installers, many of whom we have known for a long time and who have received training at Wind & Sun so we can usually recommend an good local installer to you who can help.

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